CIFS / SMB Shares

Mounting SMB Shares


I have a couple SMB shares setup separately on my network and I mount those shares onto the server so I'd be able to manipulate and access those files without much effort and this is how I do that using /etc/fstab.


Install cifs-utils

to be able to support SMB shares, the above package needs to be installed on the ubuntu machine.

sudo apt-get install cifs-utils


Make a directory that you'd like to mount your files into.

mkdir nas

Edit /etc/fstab

Here's the entry that I add to my /etc/fstab

//smb_server_ip/share_name     /mount/directory       cifs    user=your_name,pass=your_pass        0       0

Mount all

This command mounts all drives in the fstab file.

mount -a


Running tree on the mounted directory will yield all files on the SMB share. You can use this to verify if the files are there.

tree directory/

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