Primary Network Firewall


To segregate my Servers from my main network, I created another Virtual LAN. This was a more secure approach and also creates some kind of segregation in my home network. I also have custom firewall rules in place in order to restrict the systems from accessing my main network just in case someone were to get into one of those systems.

I also have an OpenVPN server setup in pfSense to enable me to access my machines when I'm not on prem. I'll write about how I did that soon!

Setup Instructions

Vswitch Configuration

To create a port group on VMware ESXI we first need to create a Virtual Switch as shown below.

Port Group Configuration

Now that we have a virtual switch setup, we can setup the port group to assign our machines to.

Pfsense VM Configuration

Now that we have the new port group created, we can add our Pfsense VM into the network to act as the gateway.

Now that the machine is connected to the LAN, we will be able to onboard the new LAN onto the FW.

Once the Interfaces is added, we have to configure the interface and set the IP range.

And once all that is done, check back at the terminal to confirm that you're LAN is successfully added as shown below.

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