Own Cloud / File Storage


I use NextCloud mainly to upload and access files which I deem as throwaway AKA not as important. More important files go straight to my NAS which is shared out via SMB. The NextCloud instance is used to share directories and files which looks nice to family and friends 😂! Also, their IOS and Android app makes this a very solid self-hosted Cloud option!



version: '3.3'
            - '8080:80'
        image: nextcloud

I recommend setting up a VM solely for Next Cloud for stability reasons. I used to run this docker on a pi when I didn't have a full fledged server and it was surprisingly pretty solid! Do it at your own risk tho ⚠️!

Pre-Installed VM

If you're in a time crunch, you can simple get a preconfigured VM from hanssonit and deploy that into your infra! I've tested this option before and it works just as well or even better than the docker.

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